The in-person classroom setting is one of the traditional methods of training drivers in a mass learning setting and is especially effective where proctored learning is required.  The classroom sessions can vary in time and content depending on your learning requirements but will generally include some or all of the following learning objectives.

To understand: 

How attitudes and personality affect driving


How to manage conflict/distractions while reducing the risk of collisions while driving


How traffic laws and lack of compliance affect drivers and their companies


Vehicle dynamics regarding weight transfer and speed


How crashes and demerit points affect driver’s lives


How “driving green” helps the environment and contributes to the corporate bottom line


The key elements and advantages of defensive driving


 The effects of high risk driving to the corporate image

The course can be administered at the client’s location if facilities and access is available or at the instructor’s facility if the network partner in that region has the facilities to accommodate the training.

Classroom training can be customized to fit your needs; location specific pricing and availability will be provided on a case-by-case basis.