Hiring and retention of good drivers for your company, whether as a professional driver or for an employee that drives as part of their job is becoming more and more important.  Most companies look at a driver’s resume and abstract as the pre-screen before proceeding to the interview stage.  Let DriverFit take your driver hiring process to the next level!

DriverFit uses leading edge job fit assessment science and a one of a kind browser based platform to give you an easy way to get valuable information about a job applicant and how they compare to your top employees.  Candidates can take the evaluation on any tablet or computer and will complete in 30-45 minutes.

1. Build your top performing benchmarked profile.

2. Send email invitations to potential employees and ask them to complete the online evaluation as a part of the application process.

3. Compare the candidates profile with your top performing employees.

DriverFit’s easy to use administration dashboard allows you to easily send invitations with as little information as first name, last name and email address.  Results are returned to your private, customized dashboard real time as the candidate finishes each section of the evaluation.  A full report is available upon completion of the test and compares the traits and attitudes of the candidate as well as measures of focus and attention and fundamental driving awareness.  A brief summary of the candidates personality, motivations and interests will give you a glimpse into the person you are looking to hire before you ever meet them.

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