On the ProDriverHR Select Test Drive package that includes the following:

•A custom built top driver profile

•10 online applicant assessments

•Feedback and data analysis

•Necessary revisions to job fit profile


The on-line assessment takes 30-45 minutes and is user friendly with easy navigation and clear directions.  For HR or management the secure administration platform automatically sends invitations to applicants and once the applicant has completed the assessment the results are displayed in the company’s private dashboard.

The platform looks at an applicants FOCUS, FIT and FUNDAMENTALS as compared to your top drivers performance on the platform.

FOCUS Effective and sustained concentration is a key characteristic required of a safe driver.  The first chapter of the ProDriverHR SELECT platform utilizes the Road Sign Perception Test (RSPT), which measures performance on several abilities that are logically linked to driving

FIT Recruiting and retaining top drivers is key in reducing turnover and contributing to the profitability of an organization.  The second chapter in the ProDriverHR Selection Platform utilizes advanced, validated job fit technology to provide critical data that directly impacts a driver’s success within your company culture.

A custom Company Benchmark is created that clearly identifies the criteria that aligns with an organization’s top performing drivers, allowing you to compare that profile with all incoming candidates.

FUNDAMENTALS The ability to quickly analyze and make decisions based on driving knowledge and fundamentals are essential to a driver safely and successfully getting from point A to point B during the day.  The third chapter in the ProDriverHR Selection Platform utilizes a variety of questions with various formats that assesses a driver’s recollection of the “Rules of the Road”.

All three chapters that make up the ProDriverHR SELECT tool combine together and provide an overall score by which you can select the top candidates and find the best driver for your organization.

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