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Case Studies

"Cleaning Up"

With high turnover and claims, this waste and recycling company turned to ProDriverHR to help kick unnecessary costs to the curb!


Waste and Recycling​


North America




Large Specialty


Spanning 5 states and 45 locations, our client's margins were being significantly reduced through high turnover and claims, especially in new hires. 


Their progressive leadership team brought in ProDriverHR technologies and consulting to help identify proactive solutions to these issues and improve the bottom line!


Use Data to Predict Performance and Design Tailored Training Strategies

ProDriverHR analyzed "top performers" within the company to build a profile of the traits and characteristics that contributed to a driver becoming highly regarded by management, clients and co-workers.  ProDriverHR then administered our HPE and DriverFit evaluations to over 400 newly hired drivers in the region over the course of a year.  The evaluations were completed as part of the on-boarding process and took approximately one hour total per driver to complete both evaluations.  The new hires were then monitored for performance, on-road incidents and employment status and these results were compared to their ProDriverHR scores and Top Performer profile.  As part of the trial, drivers were also assigned one FleetDefense module per month for six months dealing with top causes of driver claims.

It became apparent very early on that the ProDriverHR results were highly correlated to job performance, on-road incidents and how long drivers stayed with the company.  The data was so compelling that the program is being considered for pre-hire applications, training type and prioritization, incentive-based retention and multi-year ongoing training programs.  The data is amazing, see for yourself:

Program Effectiveness

Completed Training vs Not Completed

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