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"Global Reach"

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Wanting to standardize their driver training program to employees across the globe, ProDriverHR comes up with the successful formula!


Specialty Chemical


22 Countries






Standardizing an online driver training program that tailors to the needs of each individual driver, in their own language, with country-specific video and content is no small feat.


ProDriverHR was asked to design just such a program to cover all of the significant requirements that would make other companies cringe!


Hazard Perception Evaluation and FleetDefense

ProDriverHR first did an analysis of the training requirements, IT processes and timing to determine how much of the companies global fleet (requiring online training as per newly implemented policies) could be covered through a standardized process. ProDriver HR worked with the company through this evaluation and came up with a proposal that would cover 98% of the companies needs and geographic demands.  Each driver was given an HPE evaluation in their own language to determine areas of improvement.  From that evaluation, a customized learning plan was developed and each driver was assigned an online lesson to be taken on their smartphone, tablet or computer each month.  The client was also able to determine which geographic regions showed more indication of risk, leading to enhanced metrics and training opportunities.

Using ProDriverHR's learning technology, the implementation and roll-out was smooth with all driver's completing the HPE and a compliance of 94% of the training completed over the course of a year! 

Program Details

Number of Drivers Assessed and Trained


Number of Countries

13 Countries

Number of Languages Used

6 Languages

Client Comments

"We have had such great response to the training, 5 more regions have requested the training!"

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