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Case Studies

"On the Case"

When collisions are robbing a top security services company of time
and profits, ProDriverHR gets a chance to lock down a solution!


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ProDriverHR was asked to help reduce the frequency of collisions in one of our client's divisions where driving is a necessary component of their every day job, but secondary to the primary responsibilities they were hired to perform. With sites across the country and multiple divisions, finding a scalable, cost-effective solution was the challenge we were eager to take on!


Analyze the Risk Factors and Customize Training for Maximum ROI

ProDriverHR and the client designed an initial fleet analysis program to have all drivers perform a 30 minute browser-based evaluation at their regional office.  Individual driver login information was given to each site manager to facilitate the administration of the self-guided assessment for each driver. The evaluation which looks at hazard perception identification and driving knowledge returns an overall risk score along with the scores on 6 core areas of driving attitude and identifies 0-18 specific facets of driving where improvement may be indicated.

Upon completion of the driver evaluations, ProDriverHR analyzed the data to identify the levels and types of risk at the driver, site, division and corporate levels.  Statistical analysis of the overall data enabled the development of the median overall risk score and standard deviations away from this score.  Analysis of regional differences among all sites was performed to look at demographic factors that may contribute to risk.  A study was also performed to look at the frequency of identified specific facets to enable targeted training program development.  See below for a sample of the analysis:

Overall Risk Distribution

Driver Risk Identification

Driving Risk Identification

Identify Specific Areas of Company Improvement

Identify Regional Areas of Improvement


Average HPE Score at Location

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