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Risk Analysis and Consulting

At ProDriverHR we want to work with you to identify the root causes of driver issues that are costing you valuable time and money.  We utilize our technologies to analyze each driver in several areas specific to the problems you are encountering. We can get involved with you at any stage of our proven process and will work to build the perfect strategy to fit your current processes, corporate guidelines and most importantly your budget.


We will use the appropriate technologies to look at over 25 individual measures for each driver.  Included in these measures are both safety and job aptitude factors including such items as visual processing, scanning, common sense driving knowledge, personality traits and characteristics, interaction with other drivers, speed management, space management and much more. 


Once we have collected all the data from the driver, we can compare their measures to other drivers at their site, in their region, line of business, or company.  We compare their performance on our evaluations to their performance on the road, in the office and with customers to look for correlations that can be used in hiring processes or driver improvement exercises.


From the analysis of the data, evidence-based process and program development can be designed.  These programs can include pre-hire recruitment and selection processes, as well as targeted onboarding directed at the specific areas identified for each driver.  For the improvement of existing drivers training programs can now be developed that target specific areas of weakness either company wide or through individual learning plans.


ProDriverHR can help to ensure a smooth transition from program development to roll-out.  Our team can help your team with the integration of our evaluation and training tools into your existing processes, creation of internal communication tools and our world class support as new initiatives are launched.  We want to be long-term partners with our clients so we never stop working on making your programs more effective, more targeted and giving you more time or financial return on your investment.

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