Novice Driver Training

Teen Driver Blueprint is a program we designed to supplement driver education for novice drivers.  The crash rates for new drivers have been approximated at 1 in 2 for drivers in their first 6 months of driving. Together with premier driving educators, governments, insurance companies and particularly parents and guardians, we want to do our part to help reduce the human and financial costs.

We teamed up with veteran crash investigator and driving educator, Mike Pehl to provide a two part course which helps parents to be more effective during supervised driving in the learner's stage and then help new drivers stay aware of the situations that have proven most dangerous for novice drivers once they start driving on their own.

Pre-License Course


Pre-License Lesson List:

  1. Ground Rules

  2. Safety Checklist

  3. First Time in Gear

  4. Fine Tune the Basics

  5. The First Road Trip

  6. Head Out on the Freeway

  7. Master the Country Roads

  8. Keep it Moving

  9. Parallel Parking and 90 Degree Backup

  10. Defensive Driving

  11. License Day

  12. Start Early and Never Stop

Our pre-license course "Coaching from the Passenger Seat", is a 12 module e-learning program that walks a parent or guardian through their first conversation about driving all the way up to license test day.  Mike delivers this effective and practical system in a straight-forward, conversational manner with amazing reviews!


Post-License Training

Part two of the tDBP program helps novice drivers to maintain awareness of the most dangerous situations shown to be the primary causes of collisions.  "Danger Zone Training" is our post-license course and features 12 modules with a new module being delivered every two weeks for six months.  Generally, once a driver receives their license, there is no additional training or instruction received.  This revolutionary program is the next step in driver training and combined with our pre-license course, parent involvement and great driver education, we can reduce the horrific stats around teen collisions that have not changed in 50 years!

Post License Lesson List:

  1. Seat Belts and Airbags 

  2. Intersections

  3. Impaired/Distracted Driving

  4. Emergency Vehicles

  5. Common Crashes

  6. Gap Control

  7. Drowsy/Night Driving

  8. Dealing with Wildlife

  9. Driving with Other Teens

  10. Adverse Weather

  11. Agressive Driving

  12. Lane Changes

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