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"Safety doesn't happen by accident."

Our Driver Blueprint program enables driver-based companies to evaluate, on-board and continuously maintain driver awareness with both prospective and existing drivers.

ProDriverHR has the ability to design and deliver custom solutions and programs to meet and exceed your requirements. We can combine technology and hands-on evaluation and training to truly scale your program locally or globally. We are here to assess your specific needs and work with you to solve any and all driver related problem you might be facing.

Program Details

Each Driver Blueprint includes the following

The GB3 Benchmark is a profile developed exclusively for companies by combining top driver’s personality traits, attitudes and characteristics with management expectations to create a representation of the ideal characteristics of a driver for your company.

The DriverFit Profile uses leading edge job fit assessment science and a one of a kind browser based platform to give you an easy way to get valuable information about a job applicant and how they compare to your top employees or to examine areas of improvement.

The Hazard Perception Evaluation identifies high-risk driver behaviours
with the only training assessment in the industry to feature full motion interactive video. Hazard Perception 360 evaluates a drivers defensive skills using actual footage of near-collisions situations to identify areas of driving deficiency.

This FleetDefense training program improves fleet safety with targeted defensive driving modules that reduce accidents fleet-wide and increase safety and awareness while on the road. This program focuses on safe driving behaviour and can be customized to address areas of risk.

Blueprint Report Example

ProDriverHR is currently working with great companies as a trusted partner in providing services and information that provides value and and will make a measurable difference in hiring, retention, safety and/or risk mitigation.


We would not only welcome the opportunity to become a valued partner of yours but will put all of our efforts into providing products and services to you that will not only earn your trust and business but keep it long-term.

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